Shattered Pine Ranch, owned and operated by Gary and Cindy Chase, is located in Phillips, Wisconsin. The facility offers
individual lessons riding lessons and clinics, and short term horse boarding for individuals and
professional horse transportation personnel while en route to their final destination.

Cindy Chase is an ARIA instructor certified to teach Recreational Riding and Mounted Patrol Officer classes. Throughout
the year, Cindy hosts several clinics as well as offering individual instruction. Be sure to visit the "Events" page to find a
convenient date for your next clinic, or call for an appointment if you are interested in individual instruction.

Owning a horse is a great responsibility and should be fun for both the horse and owner.
We stress the importance of safety in our training programs.
We practice and promote Natural Horsemanship techniques in all aspects of horse ownership.
Excellent knowledge will foster that special partnership all true horsemen want to experience with their horses.

We can be reached via email or by phone (715)820-0786.
"Riding a horse is not a gentle hobby, to be
picked up and laid down like a game of
solitaire. It is a grand passion"